ACSA 1990 table of contents

Translated from the original French.

Citation: Proceedings of the ACSA'90 (Accès Conditionnel aux Services Audiovisuels) Conference, CCETT, Rennes, France.

The full conference proceedings have been scanned and may be viewed on archive.org.

President of the session: Y. GUINET (RPIC)

Language Title Authors pp.
FR INVITED CONFERENCE: The first decade of conditional access audiovisual services in France Pierre Landragin (RPIC) and Philippe Meillan (TDF) 11
EN INVITED CONFERENCE: Elements of the MAC/packet family David Wood and Edgar Wilson (UER) 41
EN The architecture and security design goals of the Eurocypher system Chris Bennett and Paul Moroney (General Instrument Corp.), David Cutts (ETEL) 61
FR Fully detachable access control pay-TV system, example implementation: Videocrypt Michel Leduc (Thomson Lerea) 81

President of the session: CH. BENNET (General Instrument Corp.)

Language Title Authors pp.
FR INVITED CONFERENCE: Taxonomy and typology of conditional access Louis Guillou (CCETT) and Jean-Jacques Quisquater (PHILIPS) 95
EN Some studies on conditional access system for DBStelevision service - Algorithms of permutation scrambling and an experimental decoder with smart card Takeshi Kimura, Masafumi Saito, Seichi Namba (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) 107
FR A conditional access system for broadband broadcasting networks: Eurocrypt Françoise Coutrot and Vincent Lenoir (CCETT) 123
FR INVITED CONFERENCE: Development of telematics functions in the architecture of the domestic audiovisual system: towards a change in the media Yves Guinet (RPIC) 131


Language Title Authors pp.
EN Operation of Eurocypher systems: current experience and future developments Philip Bagenal and Steve Upton (BSB), Chris Bennett (General Instrument Corp.) 169
FR Functional characteristics of an access ticket manager and a commercial management system Patrick Salanova (Telesystems) 195
EN Managing smart card for Pay Television: the VideoCrypt™ Approach Jonathan Hashkes and Michael Cohen (News Datacom) 213

Session chairman: J.P. COUSTEL (FRANCE TELECOM)

Language Title Authors pp.
FR Pac Manager or the technical management of conditional access titles to audiovisual services Didier Certain (Sema Group) 225
EN The Norwegian Telecom's system for customer management Jon B. Norsteboen (Norwegian Telecom) 239
FR Use of conditional access methods for the distribution of data in MAC / packet standard André Buelens and W. Vleeshhouwer (ESA) 253
EN Eurocrypt's Smart Card for Mac/packet television Njard Hestnes (Nordic VLSI) and Ole Hansvold (Norwegian Telecom) 265
EN Conditional access for off-air and local generated programs in cable TV networks Helge Stephansen (Tandberg Telecom) 273

President of the session: J.F. MARQUET (TDF)

Language Title Authors pp.
FR Presentation of the Nagravision/Syster user terminal André Kudelski (Kudelski SA) 281
FR Visiopass descrambler and conditional access Gérard Duvic (CCETT) and Christian Geoffray (RPIC) 283
EN Conditional access and the use of D2B H.J. Welmer (D2B Systems Ltd) 291
EN BBC conditional access television services S. R. Ely (BBC Research Department) 301

Chairman of the session: P. MAES (GEMPLUS)

Language Title Authors pp.
FR A detachable security module for pay TV Pascal Benoist (Bull CP8) 317
FR A new multi-service card issuance process Didier Angebaud and Jean-Luc Giachetti (CCETT) 327
EN Single chip 8-bit CMOS controller for conditional access applications Henri Molko and Jean-Pierre Bournas (Philips Components) 337
EN ST16 xyz: a family of secure microcontrollers L. Sourgen (SGS THOMSON) 347

President of the session: B. PERSSON (SCANSAT)

Language Title Authors pp.
EN A pay-per-view experiment using D2-MAC/Eurocrypt Wolfang Bock (Anitra Medienprojekte GmbH) 357
FR Conditional access services on cable networks Dominique Tessier (Communication-Development) 365
FR Service subject to access: a cable operator's point of view Michel Villaneau (General Company of Videocommunication) 375
FR France Telecom's actions in the areas of services subject to access. Economic issues and technical perspectives Jean-Pierre Coustel (FRANCE TELECOM STI) 381

Session chairman: V. MICHON (CCETT)

Language Title Authors pp.
FR Architecture of France Telecom D2-Mac-packet/Eurocrypt transmitters Jean-Pierre Vigarie and Vincent Lenoir (CCETT), Jean-Claude Jouet (Matra Communication) 387
EN Versatile Mac/packet encoder interfacing with any conditional access system Caleb Bradley and Helge Stephansen (Tandberg Telecom) 403
EN The Nordic VLSI multi MAC chip set for conditional access consumer receivers Leif Arne Ronningen (Nordic VLSI) 419
FR TDF's D2-MAC/packet-Eurocrypt encoding/multiplexing point Philippe Meillan (TDF) 433
EN Multi-Mac decoder/descrambler for consumer applications Manfred Jünke (ITT) 441
FR Ergonomic evaluation of pay-TV user interfaces Michel Naël (CCETT) 443
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