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Date Changes
2024-06-06 Added supplementary notes for my EMF2024 analog cable TV talk.
2024-06-04 Added Talks and presentations page, with slides and video from some of my conference talks.
2024-04-21 Added NABU Adaptor model NA-2 internals page, with details on how the NABU Adaptor works.
2024-04-04 Added Windows XP network install and Chyron Lantern (Digital PC CODI PCI) pages.
2024-03-18 Added DDS/DAT notes page with details of DAT/DDS drives and their capabilities
2023-09-06 Added NABU PC page, including details of the internal expansion card interface.
2023-03-16 Added GI/Jerrold video scrambling. Includes details on how the GI/Jerrold RF and Baseband CATV scrambling schemes work, and the data formats in use.
2023-01-06 Added Ghidra cheat sheet
2023-01-05 Added ST-Link/V2 (or clone) to Black Magic conversion (mostly for my own reference!).
More updates to the Analog Cable emulation section, notably descriptions of the Jerrold FSK commands, and various information about their set-top boxes and headend equipment.
2023-01-02 Added Analog Cable emulation to the HackTV section, started documenting my efforts in building my own analog cable TV headend.

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